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MEMS International - A New Opportunity

Posted by Admin on December 18th, 2009.

Monogram Technologies are proud to announce the most interesting acquisition to its group stable so far, exhibition design company MEMS International. As MEMS operate in a very different market sector to other members of the group, it's being seen as a great opportunity for diversification and growth. The Chairman of Monogram Technologies, Bob Aird, stated recently: "MEMS International are at the forefront of the Exhibition Design business and have some important International Oil & Gas Clients both here in the UK and in the States, such as Exxon Mobil and Conoco Phillips. They therefore have a lot of relevance to our current communication systems division, and I hope to see some convergence between them"

The rapidly growing Oil & Gas Division

As with the very recent acquisition of In-Depth International, the Oil & Gas Division within Monogram is growing at a very rapid pace, and the move will be seen as a confident sign of things to come. MEMS will work alongside In-Depth at Exhibition House in Chessington, South London.


In-Depth Acquisition Heralds A New Direction

Posted by Admin on January 4th, 2008

The acquisition of In-Depth International signals an exciting new era for Monogram Technologies, the oil & gas sector. In-Depth is the first company to offer high quality ROV hydraulic tooling and ROV sensors under one roof. its product stable includes Vortex which is the most efficient, most powerful 4” unit in the world at present.

In-Depth. Recruiting for the future

In-Depth also operates a recruitment arm, offering skilled personnel whenever needed, specifically to Oil & Gas companies around the world. This particular arm of In-Depth is going to benefit from the larger scope of Monogram's operations around the world.


Cyfas Systems joins Monogram

Posted by Admin on November 19th, 2007

Monogram Technologies announces its acquisition of communication system specialists, Cyfas Systems Ltd. This news means Cyfas will be able to offer customers a more comprehensive and value added service whilst maintaining the customer support that its well known for. Cyfas Systems has a huge amount of expertise developed from over thirty years of systems supply.

Monogram Technologies Communication Systems Division Growing Rapidly

With the acquisition of Cyfas Systems, Monogram have shown themselves to be an emerging power in the global communications market. The added strength and visibility that Cyfas will bring to the group is a visibleindicator of the growing confidence that Monogram have in this very competitive market.