Welcome to the Monogram Technologies Group

The Monogram Technologies Group consists of 12 operating companies with more than 30 years experience in turn-key projects. It is proud to announce its emergence as a global player in the oil and gas, fire and security and telecommunication markets. Unlike most of the other technology vendors who only supply a portion of a system solution, Monogram offer a complete system solution, from planning and surveying to installation and maintenance. Thanks to a growing worldwide reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction, clients trust Monogram to deliver when its matters most, whatever the techical requirements or challenges.

  • Innovation

    Monogram continue to innovate in the Fire & Security markets, with new products to protect and secure vital assets.

  • Technology

    Monogram consult, manufacture, install and maintain communication systems and products to exacting requirements.

  • Design

    One of the most demanding sectors in the world. Monogram supply innovative, tough products that won't let you down.

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