Security & Fire Systems Division

Monogram offer the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the area networking alarm systems that modern industry requires for remote signalling. Monogram has experience extending across Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Waste Recycling as well as commercial interests such as warehousing and commercial property. As with all technology Fire detection is nowadays a fast moving field and our engineers are familiar with emerging technologies.

Monogram also provides a range of security technologies ranging from industrial perimeter protection, prison perimeter protection to terrorist counter measures for Government Agencies. Our staff have a wealth of expertise built up over many years of worldwide experience in the security industry. Again Monogram’s communications experience reinforces the security division with today’s surveillance technology from cameras to access control being TCP/IP enabled allowing the user to define and integrate his security systems into his IT network.

With today’s fast evolving technology, no customer wants to be locked into one supplier – just as no supplier wants to be locked into one technology. Monogram are able to select the most appropriate equipments from around the world to provide solutions that precisely meet customers’ requirements.

Intelsec (Intelligent Security Ltd)

HQ: Shefford, Bedfordshire
Intelsec is in the forefront of the design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced sensing and detection technologies particularly in the fight against illegal immigration and the threat of concealed improvised explosive devices (IED's) on vehicles.

Using the latest digital signal processing and embedded computer techniques, intelsec has developed a new generation of award-winning, innovative and reliable products. Most recently developments have led to one of these being designated a 'Millennium Product' by the Design Council of the Department of Trade and Industry and significant coverage by technology programmes on national television. Additionally, in 2003 the Company was awarded the Queen's Award for Industry, in the Innovation category.

intelsec has a network of overseas representatives providing access to our technology, worldwide.

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Intelligent Fire Systems Ltd

HQ: Shefford, Bedfordshire.
Intelligent Fire Systems Ltd offers a range of Electro-Optical Fire Detection Technologies, which have been designed, developed, and manufactured based on sophisticated missile detection systems.

Fire Sentry's electro-optical digital fire detectors are sophisticated devices that sense the optical radiant energy emitted by fires. Optical fire detectors respond much faster than heat detectors since a fire's radiant energy travels at the speed of light. This is why optical fire detectors are capable of operating at a longer distance and many times faster than heat detectors that use air convection and material conduction. The high speed of response is critical for detecting fires in time to successfully suppress a fire. Seconds can make the difference in successfully suppressing a small fire with little or no damage to having a disastrous fire that no suppression system can handle.

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